Our globalized, high pressure world grows more intense daily but human beings are little changed from their hunter-gatherer ancestors. The world’s acceleration builds more and more stress, leading to illness and low productivity. Stress shows up in spectacular ways: police violence, mass killings by deranged gunmen, and in more mundane places: increased suicide rates, higher work absenteeism, chronic illness.

The very genius that brings new medical advances raises expectations and escalates cost making it impossible to keep up with the growing “gray” generation. The trend to “medicalizing” problems brings higher cost “solutions” while the aging population increases the number of potential patients every year.

Together these two major trends have led to a crisis in the availability of care, in the ability of individuals to cope, in the multi-trillion dollar budgets of the healthcare system, and in the operational productivity of industry across the world.


Anthogen has created “ARTA”, a platform to spot impending crises, intervene, and redirect attention/get aid before damage occurs.


We integrate sensors, micro-electronics, and real time predictive analytics models into a simple user experience on a smartphone.


ARTA analyzes these data streams to build a predictive model based on each individual’s own particular circumstances.


When a known “risky” situation occurs, ARTA intervenes with real time messaging to the individual and/or to their support system