Anthogen Real-Time Assistant

The World’s First Remote Predictive Health Monitoring Service.

Improving Health, Wellness, and Performance.

ARTA™ by Anthogen

ARTA™ by Anthogen improves your life using tiny sensors, and information about you and your surroundings to learn who you are and who you want to be.

Actionable Intelligence

ARTA™ uses actionable intelligence to help you overcome today’s real-life stresses, at work or at home , to remind you when it’s time to meditate or sense when you’re in an uncomfortable situation and remind you to take a breath, pause and just calm down.

Smart Data

It learns the difference between when you’re working out or when you’re really stressed.

ARTA™ integrates multiple data streams into Actionable Intelligence

Remote microelectronic physiological monitoring

Real time context – where, when, why

Goal and accomplishment inputs

One platform – two converging markets

Healthcare delivery

Workplace productivity

Individualized monitoring/prediction service

Significantly lowers healthcare costs

Improves outcomes

Improve safety in high stress jobs

Family Alerts

It can alert you when a family member forgets medication or even alert the doctor directly where immediate involvement may be needed.

Manage Stress

It can help you perform better at work and feel less fatigued and stressed out.

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