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Improving Health, Wellness, and Performance.

ARTA™ by Anthogen

ARTA™ by Anthogen breaks new ground by learning the ideal “virtual coaching method” for each individual. It’s more than a health app; it’s your personal health assistant,

Scaling seamlessly to millions, Anthogen employs sensor-driven feedback loops to tailor the platform to every user, providing hyper-personalized empowerment, engagement, entertainment, and education for sustained health improvement.

Actionable Intelligence

ARTA™ uses actionable intelligence to help you overcome today’s real-life stresses, at work or at home , to remind you when it’s time to meditate or sense when you’re in an uncomfortable situation and remind you to take a breath, pause and just calm down.

Complete Health Ecosystem

Anthogen goes beyond typical health apps. It offers a comprehensive management ecosystem encompassing medication tracking, exercise, nutrition, and mental health support.

Managing chronic conditions is challenging, but Anthogen transforms frustration into empowerment through its integrated health platform driven by AI.

Improved adherence

 Chronic conditions often demand long-term commitment, executed at home and away from the doctor’s watchful eye.  ARTA™ employs  proprietary technology to improve adherence to care plans and increase treatment efficacy.


Hyper-personalized care using AI

Our AI ensures that each user’s experience is unique and tailored to their specific needs.

Real-time data integration from wearables. ARTA™ uses real-time data to continuously refine and adjust care plans, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Gamification and instant gratification to keep users motivated. Engaging features like gamification keep users motivated and committed to their health goals.



Nutrition Toolkit

Personalized dietary recommendations improve adherence by 25%. ARTA nutrition tools help users make informed dietary choices, leading to better health outcomes.

Mental Health Support

 Digital interventions reduce symptoms by 30%: Anthogen’s mental health features provide effective support for managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Workout plan

Physical activity reduces cardiovascular risk by 35%, stress management improves overall health: We promote small lifestyle changes that have significant health benefits.

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