Pre-emptive Healthcare:

The Next Paradigm

Anthogen at a glance.

Anthogen Real Time Advocate (ARTA) is a mobile platform based on new wearable technologies and a semantic-based genetic algorithm-based processor. ARTA will reduce acute or life-threatening episodes for people with chronic cardiopulmonary illnesses, stress/anxiety and more.

The app integrates real-time biometrics, contextual data streams and personal objectives then recommends small behavioral changes to prevent health crises.


App live as of July, 2021. Field testing commenced September, 2021.

New language of human experience offers powerful insights on and for every user.

Development partnership with global garment supplier & wearables manufacturer.

Market Development partnership with Center for Innovation and Commercialization.


The Problem: A Stagnant Healthcare Model

The demand for healthcare from an increasingly aging population is on the rise, just when clinicians are leaving the field. The current reimbursement-driven system is unscalable and has reached its limits.

The core problems of this healthcare model are:

Our health outcomes lag most “first world” countries, despite far greater expenditure at 20% of US GDP.

Anthogen technology solves this problem.

The entire US healthcare system can deliver more for less if it is focused on methods of prevention, not just treatment.

Preventive Care, Powered by Data

Anthogen allows people with chronic illness, stress, and other ailments to leverage data insights and make small adjustments in daily life that ultimately prevent and reduce acute or life-threatening episodes that strain our healthcare system.

With the power of AI and wearables technology, Anthogen can deliver inexpensive interventions for the most at-risk individuals, allowing them to avoid more intense medical treatment.

Meet ARTA – Anthogen Real-Time Advocate:
The Next Paradigm in Health Apps

ARTA is the mobile platform driving our prevention mission.

How it works:

ARTA identifies each individual’s unique physiological profile for a range of common activities then applies our proprietary algorithms to establish “baselines” for these circumstances.

When a person’s biometrics change significantly from baseline, they are notified with suggested behavior changes such as medication reminders, step goals, etc.

An individual’s family, support network and/or healthcare team can be notified as well, creating a comprehensive community of support while leaving acute care firmly in the hands of medical professionals.

Official Launch, Patents & Partnerships

ARTA App went live in July, 2021. Field testing commenced September, 2021.

We are preparing to file patents for our wearable garment technology, while additional patents are being evaluated.

Our wearables are manufactured in partnership with a global garment supplier and a leading wearable electronics engineering firm.

Anthogen is also in active discussions with:

Telehealth and Home Health services companies (including “panic button” services).

Primary care physician groups.

Major, at-risk providers (hospital systems).

Police departments.

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