Our AI-based platform coaches users throughout the day. Unlike other systems, our fully interactive app delivers its messages exactly when the user needs to hear them, based on location, activity, vitals and time of day. People respond to relevant, in-the-moment prompts and stick with a program they can trust.

Empowering Pre-Emptive Healthcare

Suffering from chronic conditions can often mean navigating a complex, disjointed healthcare system that fails to address your unique needs. As a patient, this experience can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Anthogen’s cutting-edge AI-Powered Healthcare Technology redefines chronic disease management by streamlining communication, maximizing resources, and empowering patients and healthcare providers alike.

Supercharging at-home therapy

Anthogen aims to transform the management of chronic conditions for millions of people. By listening to customers, we have designed a unique approach that empowers individuals with the right tools to manage their health. Our focus is on offering specific, timely, and practical suggestions tailored to each person’s situations through a user-friendly app.


  • Daily companion
  • Real-Time interaction
  • Reward-based motivator


  • Monitor vitals, activities & objectives
  • AI observes “my normal” day
  • Redirect behaviour to optimum


  • Generate Instant Reports
  • Reinforces success
  • One-click Clinician dashboard

The Anthogen program has been a great asset to be able to strengthen the supporting muscles around my knees affected by OA.  The physiotherapist tailors key exercises to suit individual needs, and is accessible for a chat on the app. Flexibility of time to do the daily routine when suitable is a plus and also being in your own home without traveling for an appointment.


Program Participant

The Problem: A Stagnant Healthcare Model

The demand for healthcare from an increasingly aging population is on the rise, just when clinicians are leaving the field. The current reimbursement-driven system can’t be scaled and has reached its limits. The core problems of this healthcare model are:

Anthogen technology solves this problem.

Preventive Care, Powered by Data

Anthogen allows people with chronic illness, stress, and other ailments to leverage data insights and make small adjustments in daily life that ultimately prevent and reduce acute or life-threatening episodes that strain our healthcare system.

With the power of AI and wearables technology, Anthogen can deliver inexpensive interventions for the most at-risk individuals, allowing them to avoid more intense medical treatment.

 I found JointFit very easy to download and use on my phone. And I loved the at home appointments, which just made it so convenient. With the encouragement of our physiotherapist, I’m optimistic I can achieve the goal of maintaining a reasonable degree of mobility of my arthritic knees and avoid replacement surgery.


Program Participant

Our Complete Management Ecosystem is designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry by integrating various aspects of patient care, such as exercise, diet, mental health support, and more, into a single, comprehensive platform. This innovative approach breaks down barriers between patients and healthcare providers, making high-quality care accessible, cost-effective, and efficient.


of respondents would prefer to receive physical therapy services via remote therapy even after the pandemic ends.

(McKinsey & Company, 2021)


of physiotherapy visits could be effectively delivered remotely via remote physical therapy.


(2020 Teledoc Health study)


of patients adhered to a program using remote therapy services, versus 63% adherence in patients receiving traditional care.

(Moffet et al., 2016)

Patients and doctors agree about Anthogen:


Patients love it because they can complete their exercises at home or on the road. They are reminded to work out and can track their progress.


Doctors and Clinicians love it because they have much more info about their patients, can track their progress and monitor their results more efficiently at an affordable cost.

I feel so lucky to be able to participate in the JointFit program. It was the perfect option to get some specific physio exercises to begin to strengthen my knee even whilst going away on holiday. My health coach has been very thorough and caring. Always checking in with me on the app and responding to any questions I have. Not having to go to physical appointments is so great and being monitored while I do my program is so helpful.


Program Participant


JointFit is a home-based therapy system that helps to reduces joint pain and can potentially avoid the need for surgery.

CVFit tracks a patient’s vital signs while providing exercise routines that allow them to complete rehab programs without going to a clinic.

SurgiFit is a program for patients to prepare for and recover from surgical procedures, designed by surgeons.

ARTA – Anthogen Real-Time Advocate:
The Next Paradigm in Health Apps

ARTA is the mobile platform driving our prevention mission.   Here’s how it works:

ARTA identifies an individual’s unique physiological profile for a range of common activities and then applies proprietary algorithms to establish baselines for these circumstances.

When a person’s biometrics change significantly from baseline, they are notified with suggested behavior changes such as medication reminders, step goals, and more.

An individual’s family, support network and healthcare team can be notified, creating a comprehensive community of support while leaving acute care firmly in the hands of medical professionals.

Strategic Partners

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Major, at-risk providers

Hospital systems

Law Enforcement

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