Pro-Active Health Care:

The New Paradigm

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, preparing for surgery, or just looking for a way to manage your chronic pain, Anthogen will be there with expert care that fits into your busy life.

ARTA by Anthogen

Preventive Care, Powered by Data

With the power of AI and monitoring technology, Anthogen delivers affordable interventions for the most at-risk individuals, allowing them to avoid more intense medical treatment.

Our mission is simple: to enable patients to complete doctor prescribed treatments  at home using a tablet-based app that guides them and tracks their progress.

Our goal is to do this while reducing the strain on our healthcare system and empowering patients to take control of their own health.

The  At Home Heart Cardio Rehab Program integrates an at-home exercise program and lifestyle coaching to promote compliance with a doctor’s rehab prescription.

A diet and healthy living plan is included, including pertinent info, tips and research backed plans to optimize healing and long-term success.

Anthogen’s ARTA platform provides real-time, actionable intelligence to empower individuals to adapt their behavior with targeted messaging tailored to a specific diagnosis.

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