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Preventive Care, Powered by Data

Anthogen allows people with chronic illness, stress, and other ailments to leverage data insights and make small adjustments in daily life that ultimately prevent and reduce acute or life-threatening episodes that strain our healthcare system.

With the power of AI and wearables technology, Anthogen can deliver inexpensive interventions for the most at-risk individuals, allowing them to avoid more intense medical treatment.

Anthogen’s ARTA platform provides real-time, actionable intelligence to empower individuals to change behavior in the moment with targeted messaging.


          ARTA at a glance.

Anthogen Real Time Advocate (ARTA) is a mobile platform based on new wearable technologies and a semantic-based genetic algorithm-based processor.

The app integrates real-time bio-metrics, contextual data streams and personal objectives then recommends small behavioral changes to prevent health crises.

The system  encourages healthy activities while  providing pertinent behavior modification whenever ARTA detects raised risk of an acute episode. This leads to an enhanced lifestyle while also reducing risks for people with cardiac, respiratory and mental health conditions.

 The  At Home Heart Cardo Rehab Program integrates an at home exercise and lifestyle coaching program with the ARTA app to promote compliance with a doctors rehab prescription.


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