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Physiotherapy can be complex and demanding.

Getting to a clinic can be a challenge.

Travel difficulties, crowded clinics and impersonal care.




It’s time for a change.

Anthogen has the solution.

Personalized routines from the comfort of home: no need to travel to a clinic.

For those recovering from an injury, surgery or managing chronic conditions like arthritis or stroke, Anthogen offers real time feedback and guidance tailored just for you.


I feel so lucky to be able to participate in the Joint Fit Wise Care program. It was the perfect option to get some specific physio exercises to begin to strengthen my knee, even whilst going away on holiday.

Not having to go to physical appointments is so great and being monitored while I do my program is so helpful.

You’ll feel confident you’re doing the exercises correctly and safely.

Robin D.

An advanced digital health platform, our complete management ecosystem is designed to revolutionize the health care industry by integrating various aspects of patient care such as exercise, diet, mental health support, and more into a single comprehensive platform.

This innovative approach breaks down barriers between patients and health care providers, making high quality care accessible, cost effective and efficient.

 I found the joint Fit Wise care app very easy to download and use on my phone, and I loved the at home appointments, which just made it so convenient with the encouragement of the physiotherapist.

I’m optimistic I can achieve the goal of maintaining a reasonable degree of mobility of my arthritic knees and avoid replacement surgery.

Louis D.

Chronic conditions are more than just a medical challenge.

They are a way of life for millions of people in the United States alone.

The cost associated with chronic conditions represents a staggering $3.7 trillion dollar market.

Managing these conditions requires long term adherence to a plan, often executed at home, far from the watchful eye of health care professionals.

 That’s where Anthogen comes in.


Adherence to chronic care management is not just a possibility, but a reality.

The Anthogen program has been a great asset. The physiotherapy tailors key exercises to suit individual needs and is accessible for a chat on the app when needed.

Flexibility of time to do the daily routine when suitable is a plus, and also being in your own home without traveling for an appointment.

Maryanne G.


Anthogen’s cutting edge technology leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create a new paradigm in health care.

 Our A.I. learns exactly what virtual coaching method works best for each individual, scaling seamlessly to accommodate millions of patients using sensor driven feedback loops.

 Anthogen’s platform molds itself to the user, providing a unique blend of empowerment, engagement, entertainment, and education.

 This hyper personalized approach ensures that every patient receives the support they need to achieve long term improvement in health outcomes.

 Cutting edge technology meets personalized health care, transforming the landscape of chronic care management.



The future of health care, now.

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