What you do is what you become.

Your beliefs and habits shape who you are.

Become your best self.

Imagine if you could improve in ways you didn’t know you could.

24/7 real-time help

Unfortunately, many of you get trapped in mounting medical costs and general treatments so you never realize your full potential.

What if you had 24/7 real-time help with your medical conditions?


Control stress and struggles

What if anyone from parents, emergency first responders, teachers, police or the military could handle high-stress and emotional struggles?

Improve your reactions

What if you could then get the strength to change your bad habits and improve how you react to life’s challenges?


Introducing ARTA™ by Anthogen.

Your health and wellness app that builds healthier and better habits.

A comfortable garment records your bio-signals.

Tiny sensors measure your biometric functions, noting where you are, what you are doing,  your movements, even the weather.


Using your own data.

We build your Anthogen real-time assistant from your own daily life.

Your data is safe and secure.

This raw data is encrypted and stored in a personal cloud where only you have access to it.


Detects your situation.

In real-time, ARTA™ identifies if you’re in a high-risk situation then redirects your behavior based on your customized psychological data.

The tools you need to succeed.

ARTA™ gives you the tools, technology, and medical experts to reach your best life.

To train your habits.


Keeps you on track.

Personalized predictive analytics keep you on track with what’s important to you.

Get started today with ARTA™ by Anthogen.


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