Benefits of Arta and Anthogen

Real time monitoring of a persons physical, emotional, mental and social health opens up vistas that have never been available before, because the DATA was never available before. Runners everywhere are putting on chest bands to monitor their hearts as they exercise. But this is only the slightest and first example of what will become a complete shift in the medical world.

Falling and Emergencies

Falling and emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime. And it happens ever more often as a person ages. 

ARTA is specifically designed to watch a person’s posture and position and detect rapid changes in either. Watching heart rate, respirations gives even more information. Answering direct questions (or not!) from ARTA helps even more.

And the severity, cost, and time to react to a fall or emergency is lessened dramatically

The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Social Dimensions

Though we often feel like we have separate parts, for example, our mind is very different from our emotions, the truth is that we are one being focused on using every part of ourselves to achieve our goals. ALL THE PARTS MATTER IN UNDERSTANDING OUR GOALS, STRESSORS, FAILURES, SUCCESSES, AND HEALTH!

Being Part of a Team

Making good choices for ourselves individually becomes more complex when we join teams. Whether athletic teams, First Responder teams, business units, or other human groups, sometimes group monitoring is exactly what is needed to improve performance, efficiency, and response to unexpected events.

Database Studies and Data Privacy

As information never before conceived becomes more and more available, three primary issues arise: privacy, science, and profit.

Concerning privacy, our expectation is that any and all data collected belongs completely to the individual user.

For those users that wish to permit anonymized data to be used, science could be highly advanced as analyses across the many aspects of human experience will become available.

And as for profit, we will be examining various means for the individual and the company to profit from the data collected… perhaps as a marketplace, or a new cryptocurrency or by other means.