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JointFit™ Remote Physical Therapy System

Anthogen offers a unique digital program to support individuals across the continuum of care. JointFit, powered by WizeCare Move.AI™, is a revolutionary new way to remotely monitor and instruct patients in their physical rehabilitation wherever they are.

This unique program provides a secure and entirely remote system that allows people to fulfill their physical therapy prescription anywhere there is an Internet connection.

JointFit, powered by WizeCare Move.AI™, guides the individual through a customized regimen and instructs them on the safe and effective execution of the exercises.

The program tracks and analyzes the user’s movements, providing real time feedback and instant evaluation of their performance.

All exercises use contactless technology, which allows you to observe and verify user’s movement patterns.  

JointFit is available as a web-based service that provides an intuitive, cloud-based practice management tool to streamline individual programing and does not require additional hardware or software.

The program can be used from the comfort of their home and provides the user with an easy-to-follow exercise regimen.

JointFit is practical and affordable and significantly increases user compliance and results.  

JointFit is the only remote physical therapy program that automates the prescription creation and use of customized workout programs.

JointFit is the future of physical therapy care & the new standard in digital health care delivery.

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